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photo by Ben Grey



・Have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

・I’m wishing that you’ll have a great life ahead as a mother.

・I am sure you will be an epitome of a great Mom.

・Having a baby is one of the most wonderful and life changing events of your life, best of luck!

・With pregnancy not only changes the body but also changes your perspective in life. Good luck!

・New life, new responsibility, and many new discoveries are coming. Congratulations Mom to be!

・During this special stage of your life take care and relax because when becoming a mom you will hardly get time to rest.

・Being a mom is a wonderful experience that comes with great responsibility.

・Pregnancy is truly a miracle for soon to be parents.

・A child is a gift from heaven and I want to congratulate you for having such a wonderful blessing.

・That little being who is forming in your womb will become the engine of your life.

・Have the strength and courage to raise your beautiful child, I’m sure you will be a good mom.

・The most challenging part is yet to come so enjoy this stage of your life, Congratulations on your pregnancy.

・The happiest day of your life will be when he is born and you can finally have him in your arms.

・The fruit of your love is forming and growing on your womb, and when that bundle of love comes out, you will truly have a happy family.

・Having a baby is like having an angel to be taken care of, You have been blessed greatly to receive this opportunity.

・Your loving heart and incomparable kindness will guide you through in raising another beautiful creation in this world.

・One of your greatest dreams has come true, an angel is on the way and make your life more meaningful.

・Pregnancy is the sweetest stage of your life as you will receive all the care and the love and support of people who love you most.

・Enjoy the journey of motherhood and soon everyone in your family will rejoice as the baby will finally be in your arms.

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