世界最大級のオンライン英会話EF English Live
【まずは無料体験!】国際基準の英語レッスンはじめよう!『Global Step Academy 』




photo by Pascal Maramis



・Please call me back as soon as you get my message. Thank you!

・Hi! I’m trying to reach you but I couldn’t. Please give me a call back as soon as you can.

・Hello there! I’ve called you several times but I can’t connect, if you have time please call me or send me a message.

・Hi! I’m calling about an urgent situation here, please give me a call when you have time.

・Good day! It’s me, you got plenty of time? Please visit my place as soon as you get this message.

・Hi mate! I’m always routed to voicemail after several times of trying to contact you. We need to talk immediately.

・I really can’t reach you now so please take time to call me back on my mobile number.

・A pleasant day to you. I’m ringing you now to confirm our upcoming party next week. Thanks!

・Hi! I’m calling you now to get an update about the proposal, please send me a message as soon as you can.

・Hello! Mind if you call me back this evening, I wanna talk to you.

・Hey, its me. How are you? Just checkin’ out on you. Hope to hear from you soon.

・Good evening! Hope you’ll get my message soon so we can discuss some important matters.

・Hi there! Do you have free time tonight? Let’s talk later!

・Hoping you could listen to my message the soonest time. I badly need you here.

・I couldn’t reach you after several tries so please call me once you got home.

・Hello! I’ve been missing to talk to you lately, hope to talk to you soon.

・Good afternoon. I’m calling to inform you about the sudden change of plan regarding our project, call me whenver you can.

・It was so unfortunate not being able to talk to you today but please call me tomorrow morning so we can discuss some important things. Thank you!

・Hey there, would you mind calling me in the afternoon, we really have to talk. Thanks!

・Hi! I’m leaving this message to let you know that I’m done doing your request so you can get it anytime you like. See you!

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